UK Apostille or Embassy Legalisation

If you are planning to move abroad then you must be aware that is very important that you get your official, most needed and most important documents such as educational certificates (degrees and diplomas etc), Wills and Testaments etc legalised or have an apostille stamp on them, otherwise, these may not be accepted in the other countries.

What is an Apostille or Legalisation and what information is contained when a document is legalised?

As mentioned earlier Apostille is actually authentication of your documents. including Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Adoption Certificates, Decree Absolute, Court Documents and Wills and testaments etc.

  1. Country of origin of the document
  2. Name of signatory on the document
  3. The capacity in which that signatory has acted
  4. If the document has been sealed/stamped instead of signed then the details of the authority
  5. Place of certification
  6. Date of certification
  7. Issuing authorities details
  8. Certificate number
  9. Stamp of issuing authority
  10. Authorised signature of authority

How to order UK Apostille Stamp or Embassy Legalisation?

Well its a daunting task to get a document legalised but it need not be painful, let us deal with all the headache just order from us online by visiting our website.




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