Order a Soldier’s Last Will

Would you not love to know what was going on in the minds of #WorldWars Soldiers, just before they left for the battle fields? Would it not give a great insight into what their thoughts were, what were their worries, what was motivating them to risk their lives?

Well, now you can find out, British Soldiers were asked to write informal Last Wills and over 300,000 of them actually did write them, these Wills were kept in War Office for years but now have been moved to a secure facility for storage,

These Last Wills of Soldiers are doors to their minds and souls and you can open these doors by ordering one of those Wills and you can do that in the comfort of your home but just visiting our website.

So why not visit our site today and order Soldiers Will to what these extraordinary people were like?

Don’t forget you can always order Wills probate Records, Replacement Birth Certificate and UK Apostille Stamp  from our main website


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